The Path to Awesomeness

Human civilization is heading for a collapse within this century caused by climate change. By 2050, human civilization could reach a "point of no return". Once we reach this point, no actions could save our civilization and will lead to a complete collapse of all our advancement. We must not allow this to happen. We must save our civilization. The question is - is it possible?

The answer is - it is possible. There exists a solution to this problem. The solution is not just about stopping this collapse, but something much better.

We have seen movies in which hero time travels to past to change future. What if we can time travel to past change our bad future? It is impossible to invent a backward time travel machine within this century. Actually, backward time travel is almost impossible in reality. But we can change future without using a time travel machine. There exists another way.

Human brain has an underappreciated cognitive ability called mental time travel. Using this ability, we can time travel to past or future. Future does not exist as a single timeline. But as different possible futures or different timelines.

Let's apply our mental time travelling ability to the current time of current world. Then there exist a single past timeline and multiple future timelines. Let's travel to 2100. Suppose we continue living like this. Then we will end up with collapse of human civilization. That timeline will be an almost worst case timeline.

Now think from that future person's perspective. The future version of you can time travel up to now and can change any events where he has control. Suppose your future version changes something in the past and gets a better future. Now he will be in a new timeline. Then he can do this again creating a more better future timeline. The future person can continue doing this until he gets the maximum possible better timeline. Now scale this ability to all people in the world. If everybody does this, we will end up with a perfect world timeline.

The solution we are presenting to avoid our collapse is perfect world timeline or simply 'perfect world'. The concept of perfect world is not just a solution to collapse but solution to all our problems. Perfect world also provides the opportunity of perfect living.

How to achieve perfect world? The solution is the knowledge of what to do at any moment in time. In other words, superintelligence.

Superintelligence is the ability that produce knowledge of what to do in order to get what you want. So superintelligence can produce knowledge that will create the perfect world.

Common assumption about human superintelligence is that either we have to wait for our brain to evolve which could take thousands of years or upgrade our physical brain using technology. Waiting for evolution is not an option. Also, brain upgrading using technology is not possible within 2050 - the point of no return. Means there is no point of having super technologies after crossing the point of no return. Such technologies won't stop the collapse. But there exists a way.

Superintelligence is the ability that produce knowledge of what to do in order to get what you want. What to do to get what we want is actually truth. This means the output of superintelligence is actually truth.

So, the secret of superintelligence without a brain upgrade is the ability to find truth. Ability to find truth is actually intelligence augmentation.

Superintelligence = Human intelligence + Intelligence Augmentation

We already have human intelligence component. Only missing component to achieve superintelligence is intelligence augmentation. Now the question is how to achieve intelligence augmentation.

Intelligence Augmentation = Intelligence knowledge + Truth finding tool

We can achieve superintelligence using a set of intelligence related knowledge and a truth finding tool.

Superintelligence alone won't create the perfect world. We have to do the right thing at the right time for humanity's benefit. This is heroism. Willingness to use one's own powers to the benefit of world.

Nowadays superhero movies are huge hit. We enjoy watching a superhero saving the world. But watching a superhero movie only gives you an approximately 3 hour excitement. What about living as a superhero? What about 24x7 excitement for the rest of your life instead of 3 hour?

Oxynger deals with intelligence augmentation part of superintelligence. We will develop the required set of knowledge and tools for intelligence augmentation.

We will start by releasing a research software platform based on truth discovery in January 2020. We will also publish "intelligence knowledge". This mainly consists the what and how of truth.

On one hand, we have a worst case timeline - human civilization heading towards a collapse within this century. On the other hand, we have best case timeline - human civilization heading towards perfection. Now the choice is up to you. Which one will you choose?

If you are willing to live your life as a super hero to change the world, we will give you the super power. In other words, we will give you the intelligence augmentation component of superintelligence. Together we will enter into the perfect world within this century itself.

If you are ready, come back here at the end of January. We have something to offer you that will make you powerful.